If you want to know about the advantages and disadvantages of an upper floor apartment then check out the details from this post, by looking at these pros and cons, you will be making your mind that whether upper floor apartments are suitable for you or not!

Pro: Warm in the Winter- Con: Warmer in the summer

If it is cold weather climate and your apartment is at the top floor then it will probably be quite warmer in winter. It will be because of the fact that heat rises and then it will be warming your apartment. You will too be getting more of natural sunlight that will be coming into your windows; they will be raising the temperature in your apartment. Your top floor apartment will also be warmer in the summer and your electric bill will also be increases. It is better for you to cover your windows with blinds so that you may prevent the natural sunlight that will be increasing the temperature of your apartment.

Pro: No Footsteps Overhead at your apartment- Con: You have to watch Your Step

If it is a top-floor apartment the it will be the quietest apartment for you because you will not at all be bothered by footsteps on your floor above, you will not be annoyed by the sound of your tenants. But you have to watch your step, if it is the top floor apartment then it is a must for you that you have to be extra careful of not offending your tenants who will be living below your apartment.

Pro: You will be Safer from Break-Ins and Other Hazards- Con: You have to make a Compromise Safety from Fire

It is viewed that your top floor apartment will come out to be relatively safe from all the burglars because it is normally seen that burglars steal things from the ground floor. You will also be safe from floods, pests, mice, cockroaches. But in case of a fire, it will be difficult for you to make an escape if you have been live in an upper floor apartment.

Pro: They give you Extra Privacy- Con: You have to climb the Stairs

These top floor apartments will be giving you more privacy because less people will be walking past your door as compared to those who are living in a ground floor apartment. But on the other hand, you will be climbing the stairs into your apartment; you have to climb down the stairs each and every time. So top floor apartments will be demanding an extra effort from you while climbing stairs!

So, these are the advantages and disadvantages of an upper floor apartment! It is a fact that nothing is perfect and each of the floor apartments will be having pros and cons, you have to comprise on certain cons if you want to enjoy their pros! Stay tuned and get to have more better analysis about upper floor apartments.

Are you thinking to live in an apartment? If yes then first question that will be coming in your mind is that which floor apartment will be suitable for you! Here at this post, we will be able to give you pros and cons of top floor; ground floor and middle floor apartments so that you might be able to come up with better analysis that which apartment floor will suit you!

Top floor apartments:

We have seen that top floor apartments do not have to deal with noise problem that has been coming from foot traffic from outside of the building. They do not have to come across and face unnecessary visits. These top floor apartments comes with added height so it comes out to be a great source for them to get natural sunlight. They get to have a chance to see panoramic and best views right from the top floor; they have just nothing to be complaining about! They have abundant sunlight in their apartment so it minimizes the heating costs of them in the winter but their apartments also get hot in summer so you also might be having increased AC bills. If you are living at the top floor apartment then you does not have to face noisy overhead neighbors, but you might be having the weather risks of facing any kind of exterior roof damage that will be directly affecting your apartment.

Bottom floor apartments:

If you are living at the bottom floor apartment then you will be having some enticing amenities. This first floor will just be ideal so that you can bring your heavy loads like that of groceries. It is also seen that bottom floor just makes for you less expensive AC bills in the summer time because it is cool in lower locations. But this street noise will for sure come out to be a con if you are at the first floor apartments and also susceptibility to pests can also turn you off.

Middle floor apartments:

It is viewed that both top and bottom floors have somewhat great options which you are looking in an apartment. But when we talk about heating and cooling then each of these floors showcases quite opposing extremes. In this situation, we can say that middle floor can be the right option for you. It is seen that middle floor does not get a seasonal break from these heating and cooling costs, it gives you a steady power consumption rate. The middle floor has top and bottom neighbors and will not be demanding from you a huge hiking up of stairs.

We are sure that now you will be able to make this better assessment that whether top floor, ground floor or middle floor apartments are best for you! First do the proper research, keep in mind the pros and cons of them and then you will be able to have better and comfortable apartment of yourself.

If you have been doing apartment hunting then make sure that you do look for certain amenities like that of a dishwasher, unit washer, try to get search for an apartment that should be close to public transportation. You have to keep in mind that all these factors will let you to have best apartment in San Antonio! Search for san antonio apartment finder and then get the right one for you. Here we will be telling you about the efficient and also effective apartment searching tips:

Try to set a budget range

We are sure that you want your dream apartment that has to be spacious, it should have beautiful window views and also perfect location, for this you have to set a budget before you get start with your search of your apartment! You have to sit down and then figure out that how much you can afford per month, you should also be taking into consideration other kinds of expenses like that of groceries, gym membership. If you will be having a set range in mind of your budget while considering an apartment then you will be able to cut down your unnecessary expenses.

Do consider best time of year while searching for an apartment

You should also be considering the time of year when you will be searching for your apartment! The best searching time might have an impact on what you will be ending up paying for your rent. It is a fact that high rentals are available during the summer months and also the prices come out to be much higher during this time. So, it is better for you to find an apartment during the time of October through December or it can also be February through March

Try to narrow down your search

You do not have to keep on checking out each and every rental, it will be a waste of time for you! Get the internet and minimize your search for apartment as much as you can. Internet will be letting you to do majority of search of your apartment search without just even leaving your home. You just have to pick out three or four apartments and then you can make a schedule in-person visit of them!

If you have been making plans on moving in with your few, friends then it is also best for you to bring them along with you too when you will be going out to check out a place. If you will be looking at a rental together then it will save a lot of time of yours in your search. When you will be showing apartment to your friend then, you can talk together and you can also discuss that whether you want to live in this apartment or not?

These are the efficient and also effective apartment searching tips, just try to follow them and we are 100% sure that you will be able to have best apartment to be lived it!

Just check out the best ways that will be letting you to save energy and also water in your apartment! All of these are simple tips and will be allowing you to make bunch of savings:

Try to have low-flow showerhead

You have to remove your old showerhead and make sure that you do replace it with a low-flow model. This low-flow showerhead will be letting you to save maximum water of your apartment.

Try to displace water in your toilet tank

You have to find a plastic bottle, try to fill it with gravel and place it in your toilet tank. In this way, you will be able to have maximum storage of your water.

Covering your windows with Insulated Drapes

You should be covering your windows with blackout curtains or with cellular blinds! By covering your windows with these insulated dressings like that of blackout curtains or it can be cellular blinds, you will see that they will be significantly reducing your heating bills

Putting foam insulating gaskets just behind your outlets

You should also be making use of foam Insulating Gaskets By putting foam insulating gaskets just behind your outlets, it will then be marked as cheap way of just reducing heat loss.

Composting box saves garbage disposal energy

You should also be building a compost box and just try to keep it under your sink; it will save garbage disposal energy of yours.

Grow some food inside your house

You can also be growing some food indoors! When you will be able to grow your own fruits and veggies then they will be saving your transportation energy.

Insulation of your windows by just covering them with plastic

You should also be insulating your windows by just covering them with plastic. Try to make use of CFL Bulbs, they also save a lot of energy and make sure that you do turn off lights if you are not in the room. You too have to make sure that your furniture does not at all block baseboards.

Putting storm windows

You should also be putting interior Storm Window; in this way you will be able to reduce heat loss just by up to 50%. You should also cover your kitchen and also bathroom exhausts in the winter. You should also put a cover on your AC to stop heat loss.

Putting aerators on your faucets so that you can save water

You should also be putting aerators right on your faucets so that you might be able to save water. Make sure that you do also raise the humidity of your apartment in the Winter This humidity will be making your apartment to feel warmer.

So, this is how to save energy and also water in your apartment, just try these simple tips and suggestions and make your life peaceful while living in an apartment. These savings of yours can then be invested in some other stuff!

If you really want to make saving on your apartment living then it is important for you to keep in mind these below written tips! Here we will be enlightening you that what are the best and suitable tips to make a saving on apartment living:

Make sure that the top floor walk up has not always been the cheapest

If you are a fan of living right on the top floors then we are sure that it is because of the facts that you do not want loud street noise, you want reduced risk of robbery. It is a fact that your rent may come out to be cheaper along with an increase in altitude. Though your rent will be cheaper but your utility bills will be high so it is better for you to go for middle floor apartments. The second floor will be at a lower risk for robbery as compared to a first floor tenant.

Making a spreadsheet so that you can compare community amenities

While searching for the apartment, just make sure that you do your complete research and do compare the community amenities. In this way, you might be able to find out that which apartment will be suitable for you.

Your apartment should be having the workout facility, gym, dry cleaners or restaurants!

Try to get friendly with the city inspector

If you really want to save on an apartment living then it is vital for you to be friendly with the Apartment management that actually cares about the bottom line. Avoid taking highly reactive approach while dealing with city inspector apartment of yours and opt for a proactive approach. If your apartment has faced some failure then this Apartment management team will be the first one to take you out from this trouble. Your friendly attitude with them will let you solve your apartment as quickly as possible.

Go for best apartment Location

Just make sure that you have to invest in researching that area that can well add commuting costs in your total budget. If you will be living closer to the grocery store then you do not have to pay for a car and also gas and repairs and insurance, you do not have to use public transportation then! This proximity factor will let you to save lot of your transportation costs.

Schedule a meeting with your apartment manager

You should also be scheduling a meeting with your manager so that you might be able to review any of the charges that might incur in your outstanding bills. If any rent changes will be made by your apartment manager so with this meeting, you will be able to know about them before hand.

This is how to make a saving on apartment living! By following these simple tips, you will be able to cut down your apartment cost more and more. These handful amounts of tips and suggestions should be regularly followed by each and every individual who is living in an apartment.