Maternity boudoir photography in Houston, TX

There is a fine line with maternity boudoir photography. It needs to be soft and sweet, but at the same time, sensual. It's a difficult line to walk, and I was uneasy about it when we were first asked to photograph a maternity boudoir session. As I do with all kids photos, I almost turned it down and referred the client to another photographer. We specialize in boudoir, but maternity.... well... we've just never done it. And it scared me. It scared me to fail. 

The more I considered it, the more I thought of potential locations and poses that would help bring that sweet softness to the photos. Yes, Melissa and I specialize in boudoir, but more than that, we specialize in women. We took the leap into maternity boudoir, and we couldn't be more excited about the images Melissa captured for our first maternity session.... excited about challenging ourselves, excited about taking risks, and excited about growing as photographers.

Much love! xoxo

Maternity boudoir photography in Houston TX

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