Advantages and Disadvantages of Upper Floor Apartment

Advantages and Disadvantages of Upper Floor Apartment

If you want to know about the advantages and disadvantages of an upper floor apartment then check out the details from this post, by looking at these pros and cons, you will be making your mind that whether upper floor apartments are suitable for you or not!

Pro: Warm in the Winter- Con: Warmer in the summer

If it is cold weather climate and your apartment is at the top floor then it will probably be quite warmer in winter. It will be because of the fact that heat rises and then it will be warming your apartment. You will too be getting more of natural sunlight that will be coming into your windows; they will be raising the temperature in your apartment. Your top floor apartment will also be warmer in the summer and your electric bill will also be increases. It is better for you to cover your windows with blinds so that you may prevent the natural sunlight that will be increasing the temperature of your apartment.

Pro: No Footsteps Overhead at your apartment- Con: You have to watch Your Step

If it is a top-floor apartment the it will be the quietest apartment for you because you will not at all be bothered by footsteps on your floor above, you will not be annoyed by the sound of your tenants. But you have to watch your step, if it is the top floor apartment then it is a must for you that you have to be extra careful of not offending your tenants who will be living below your apartment.

Pro: You will be Safer from Break-Ins and Other Hazards- Con: You have to make a Compromise Safety from Fire

It is viewed that your top floor apartment will come out to be relatively safe from all the burglars because it is normally seen that burglars steal things from the ground floor. You will also be safe from floods, pests, mice, cockroaches. But in case of a fire, it will be difficult for you to make an escape if you have been live in an upper floor apartment.

Pro: They give you Extra Privacy- Con: You have to climb the Stairs

These top floor apartments will be giving you more privacy because less people will be walking past your door as compared to those who are living in a ground floor apartment. But on the other hand, you will be climbing the stairs into your apartment; you have to climb down the stairs each and every time. So top floor apartments will be demanding an extra effort from you while climbing stairs!

So, these are the advantages and disadvantages of an upper floor apartment! It is a fact that nothing is perfect and each of the floor apartments will be having pros and cons, you have to comprise on certain cons if you want to enjoy their pros! Stay tuned and get to have more better analysis about upper floor apartments.